AS10 Violins - 1/16, 1/10, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 size
AS10 - AS10 Violins - 1/16, 1/10, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 size - Price: NZ$880.00
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AS10 Full size Violin
AS10 F - AS10 Full size Violin - Price: NZ$1,320.00
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AS10 violins  are our most commonly sold student instrument. They offer a pleasing, resonant tone, a quick response and can be played-in (developing their sound) quickly. 
They are well set up in our specialist violin workshop to facilitate ease of playing. 
Many teachers in New Zealand and Australia have recommended AS10 violins to their students because of consistent quality and our excellent after-purchase customer care.


We use Vision strings and ebony chinrests, pegs, fingerboards and tailpieces.


Generally we sell violins in a set. This comprises of a violin, bow and case, with a complimentary cleaning cloth and French rosin. Each component is priced separately unless you purchase a second-hand  set which carry all-inclusive price tags.    






Up to 3/4 size we recommend a German made (brazil wood)  bow the Gill#380 -  $225

We also have a Swiss made range of NEW, higher model  bows available in our Finkel range.



We recommend a black, contoured shaped case - $140 (recently reduced)


SET PRICE - $1,245 NZD   

  *Australian customers please note: the AS10 small size set price for Australian customer is $1,270 NZD which includes freight cost from New Zealand and AU-GST.










For FULL SIZE AS10 we recommend a German made (Pernambuco wood) bow, the Gill#400 bow - $490

We also have a Swiss made range of NEW, higher model bows available in our Finkel range and
an excellent selection of second-hand and antique bows. Contact us to learn what is currently

available in-store.  



For full size violins we have a black, contoured shaped case - $140 (recently reduced)
We have a large range of higher model cases  available. Please click here  to view them.

SET PRICE - $1,950 NZD


* Australian customers please ask us Australian price including AU-GST for the above items.





If you intend to visit our shop to view or to trial instruments we would recommend contacting us two or three days in advance. We will sometimes need to set up the correct instrument/size for you. This can take a couple of days in our workshop.


Please contact us to make an order or for further information


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