Every second-hand Antonio Strings instrument is fully serviced before resale.   

A small sized cello set consists of  a cello, bow and a case (unless otherwise specified). An Antonio Strings cleaning cloth and a cake of quality rosin are complimentary with each cello set.

Second-hand instruments are known to move quickly. If you are interested in a set please telephone or email us. If you would like to be placed on our waiting list please contact us.
If you live outside of Christchurch (including Australian and some international customers) we can send an instrument directly to your home for a five day, at-home trial.

Melbourne customers can collect trial items from our storage faciltiy in Melbourne  (all customer visits to storage must be arranged in advance through our New Zealand office).   


Please note: our second-hand list is constantly changing as instruments are sold and traded-in.
Some instruments listed below maybe on a trial or just sold. 


Currently Unavailable


Sometimes we may have items in stock which aren't shown on this page.

It is always suggested that you contact us by email or phone to check on our most up-to-date, second-hand list. 



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