Every second-hand Antonio Strings instrument is fully serviced before resale.   

A violin  set consists of violin, a bow and a case (unless otherwise specified). An Antonio Strings cleaning cloth and Gold and Silver  rosin are complimentary with each violin set.

Shoulder rests are generally not included in second-hand sets. We stock a diverse range of shoulder rests  and can send a range to local customers for a five-day trial. For Australian and international customers we recommend visiting your locally trusted music shop. It is important to find the shoulder rest which suits the curve of one's shoulder, to assist posture and comfort.

Second-hand instruments are known to move quickly. If you are interested in a set, please telephone or email us. If you would like to be placed on our waiting list, please contact us . If you live outside of Christchurch (including Australian and some international customers), we can send an instrument directly to your home for a five-day, at-home trial. Melbourne customers can collect trial items from our storage facility in Melbourne, however please note that all customer visits to our storage facility must be arranged in advance through our New Zealand office.    


Please note: our second-hand list is constantly changing as instruments are sold and traded in.

Some instruments listed below may be currently out on trial or recently sold. Please contact us to enquire.


Available from our shop
Can be sent to customers in NZ and Australia


·         Sec-hand Suzuki 1/10 set - $885

·         Sec-hand Bernd Dimbath #54 1/4 set with rehaired bow - $1160






Available to our customers in Australia

Can be collected or sent from our storage facility in Melbourne


*Australian customers please note: the prices include AU-GST.


·         Sec-hand Suzuki #220 3/4 set - NZ$840

·         Sec-hand Suzuki #220 1/2 set - NZ$840 

·         Sec-hand AS10 1/4 set  - NZ$1,050

·         Sec-hand Suzuki #330 1/4 set - NZ$920

·         Sec-hand AS10 1/8 set  - NZ$1,050

·         Sec-hand AS10 1/8 set  - NZ$1,050 

·         Sec-hand AS10 1/8 set  - NZ$1,050 

·         Sec-hand Suzuki 1/8 set - NZ$860 





Waiting list


If you wish to be placed on our waiting list, please contact us by phone on 03 377 8813. If you are an Australian customer please dial 0011-64-33778813. Alternatively please use our contact us page or email us at info@antoniostrings.com


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