Viola Cases


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Bobelock Half-moon Fibreglass currently unavailable


Velour inner lining

Padded slipcover (not pictured) with large music pocket

Large internal accessory pocket


Internal blanket

Back straps

Space for 2 bows




Styles: Ivory/white exterior (different than pictured), silver inner

Sizes: One size - adjustable for different viola sizes





12moon viola case









Duplex  Ultra-Light

Shaped Case

Light weight case

Internal storage compartment

Space for 2 bows

Back straps


Weight: 1.7 kg

Styles:  Navy with dappled silver/blue velour lining,
             Wine (red) with dabbled beige velour lining,                           Black with dappled silver lining

Sizes:   Full sized only - adjustable for different viola sizes








Duplex  Ultra-Light

Oblong Case


Light weight case

2 Internal storage compartments

Large music pocket

Space for 4 bows

Back straps


Weight: 2.2 kg

Styles:  Navy with blue lining
             Wine(red) with beige lining                                                     Grey with blue lining

Sizes:   Full sized only - adjustable for different viola sizes


viola oblong




BAM High-tech

French made




BAM Contoured

Light weight case

Velour lining with space for 2 bows
Note: no music pocket

Weight:1.9 kg

Styles:  Carbon look, Tweed look, Azure Blue






BAM viola



bam viola inside


carbon look viola




Viola Tweed






BAM High-tech Oblong (Compact)

Light weight case

Velour lining with space for 4 bows

Outer music pocket.

Weight: 3 kg

Styles: Anise, Tweed, Carbon look







viola oblong




bamviolaoblong inside




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