ASLH Violas

Following extensive searching we have found a maker who produces excellent instruments meeting our high standard. The maker is Zhenhua Ling from Shanghai, China.

ASLH (Antonio Strings Ling Hua) instruments are characterized by a clear, bright sound. They offer depth, focus andpower. They are very responsive and capable of a wide range of tonal colour.


ASLH violas are beautifully crafted. They are made from high quality, well seasoned wood that offers excellent tone. Good thickness can befound throughout the body of the instrument and precision has been used in the positioning of the bassbar.

A traditional Northern Italian oil varnish contributes to the rich tone.


Each ASLH viola is carefully set-up in our studio-workshop to our high standard. We have received excellentfeedback about these instruments from our customers which include teachers and professional players.


Zhenhua greatly impressed judges at the 18 th International Violin Society of America Competition(VSA).  The VSA is the most prestigious international competition for stringed instrument makers and Zhenhua was awarded a total of four tone awards.


We stock 16" ASLH#650. We can specially request the maker to produce different sizes such as 16 1/2", 15 3/4" or 15" also. Please feel free todiscuss sizing with us.

In 2008 his viola was awarded a "Silver medal".


*Australian customers please note: the prices are exclusive of AU-GST, so please ask us prices including AU-GST.