Other Accessories


We stock a wide range of chinrests for violin and viola, including models by Wolf, Gill, Suzuki, Viva la Musica and Wittner.

We have height-adjustable chin-rests and also non-allergenic, titanium chin rest barrels available.  

We stock chinrest pads also, for added comfort and protection (Strad Pad and Finissima models).

Violin, Viola and Cello Pegs

We stock pegs for violin, viola and cello in ebony, boxwood and rosewood.


We stock violin, viola and cello tailpieces in ebony, boxwood and rosewood.
Our Wittner tailpieces come in metal and in plastic and include models for small as well as standard-sized instruments.

Violin, Viola and Cello Endpins

We stock violin and viola endpins in ebony, rosewood and boxwood.
Our cello endpins include models by Ulsa, Weisshaar, Stahlhammer and Le Bois.


We stock a range of Wittner and Goetz adjusters with a nickel, black or gold finish.

Tuners and Metronomes

Including some combination tuner-metronomes. These range in price from $40.90 to $149.


We also stock a number of other accessories for musicians, including peg soap, bow lubricant, cleaning cloths, tuning forks, humidifiers, polishes and string tubes.


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