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Instrumental set up

Setting up an instrument for optimum performance requires extensive knowledge and skill. In the Southern Hemisphere, our workshop is recognised as a leader in stringed instrument set-up.

Over the years we have cared for many fine instruments, including those played by leading soloists from throughout the world. Excellent set-up enables each instrument to reach its full potential. A well set up instrument will facilitate ease and comfort in the player which allows for the development of excellent technique.


To set up an instrument we do the following:  

-Plane the fingerboard for optimal dip and curvature

-Replace the top nut to facilitate correct string height and spacing

-Cut and fit the sound-post

-Cut and fit an Antonio Strings bridge

-Fit and adjust the pegs

-Adjust the tailpiece length

-Select strings that compliment the instrument

We may carry out a number of additional adjustments, before an item meets our standard for sales.  


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Bow rehairing

We offer a premium bow rehair service. Our horse hair is top grade, sourced from Northern Mongolia; our London supplier has an excellent reputation amongst top bow makers world-wide.

Rehairing your bow can vastly improve sound quality. As hair wears out it becomes smooth, losing its grip on strings. As hair thins it can distort and bend the wood due to the uneven tension. Distortion requires recambering, a time-intensive and therefore expensive process.

If you are playing regularly, we recommend rehairing your bow every 6 months, or at least once a year.  We rehair bows for violin, viola, cello and double bass. The price of this service is $150.

Bows can be sent to us by post for rehairing or can be delivered to our shop.

Please contact us in advance at if it is your first time rehairing with us or if you will be sending your bow from outside of New Zealand.


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Appraisal service

We offer an excellent and honest appraisal service.

For those who would like to know the current value of an instrument, we can assist. We can provide verbal valuations for personal knowledge or to give an indication on how much to price your instrument at for private sale. For insurance purposes we can provide a written valuation.

We can also help if you are looking to purchase an instrument from a private seller and are anxious to know whether you will be paying a fair price.  

If you would like an instrumental appraisal, please contact us in advance, to insure that our valuation staff will be available.


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Trade-in Policy

Our trade-in policy is worth special mention.

Many parents worry about the high price of purchasing successive instruments for their growing children. Instrumental renting can easily feel like a hastle-free option.

However, when you buy an instrument set (instrument, bow and case) from Antonio Strings, you will have the option of trading this in when you purchase your next Antonio Strings instrument. 

All instruments purchased after February 1st, 2024 can be traded in for up to 50% of the original purchase price*. The trade-in rate for bows (not part of a set) is up to 40%. These rates are dependant on the items being kept in good condition.

From 1/16 to 3/4 size, most new instruments - within the same instrument family - are priced equally by model. Therefore, with a trade-in, the cost of your next instrument can be 50% cheaper than the retail price.

The option to trade in a newly bought instrument for a second-hand instrument creates an opportunity to pay very little to upsize. 

Please note that a "trade-in" involves the exchange of similar items - e.g. one 1/2 size set being traded in for one 3/4 size set, or one 4/4 bow for another 4/4 bow of higher value. Additional items can be included within the same transaction, but will be considered as a "buy-back".

Becoming a customer with us offers peace of mind. We continue to care for your instrument following purchase and you will be entitled to complimentary check ups from our staff.  

Each instrument comes with a complimentary cleaning cloth and our recommended rosin.


*If a trade-in instrument requires repair-work before we can re-sell through our store, we will deduct the repair cost from the trade-in price. Most commonly, customers receive the full trade-in price. All instruments purchased before February 2024 will be traded in at our previous rate of 65% and bows at 50%.


Buy Back

An alternative to trade-in is our buy-back offer of 40%. Instruments purchased before Febraury 2024 will be eligible for our previous buy-back rate of 50%.

You may wish to take up this offer if you would like to sell your instrument quickly.


Our Guarantee

Antonio Strings guarantees the workmanship and sound quality of our instruments for 5 years. If there is a problem with the workmanship of your purchase, we will repair it free of charge. *

* We cannot guarantee general wear and tear, negligent treatment or accidental damage of the instrument.

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